The Story of Baskin-Robbins

Serving joy by the scoopful since 1945. We’re famous for dreaming outside the cone to create a world of flavours that put wonder in every day.

Two Step-Brothers. One Sweet Start.

When Baskin-Robbins first launched, ice cream parlours offered three options: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry—and our founders saw a sweet opportunity. For Burt Baskins and Irv Robbins, variety wasn’t just about flavour. It was an invitation to enjoy moments out of the everyday.

Two Step-Brothers. One Sweet Start.

Our Flavour Philosophy

Fun fact: the number ‘31’ was chosen to inspire customers to try something new, every day of the month. Baskin-Robbins prided itself on discovery. Daring the world to explore by way of our iconic pink spoons and deliciously diverse flavours.

Our Flavour Philosophy

Our Curiousity Commitment

Today, we honour the legacy of our founders by embracing life lived less ordinary. With more innovation, experimentation and fun than ever (and over 8000 stores worldwide!) we’re serving up more magic and surprise in every scoop.

Flavour Innovation

When the Dodgers moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in 1957, Baskin-Robbins commemorated the move with Baseball Nut®.

Flavour Innovation
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Our Flavourverse

Ice cream makes the world go round

Be a BR Boss

Baskin-Robbins is a global brand famous for our innovative flavours and commitment to fun, creativity and community. The result of 60+ years of growth, training and support—we know our business model works. Your opportunity to own a successful business starts here.

Join Team Ice Cream

Take a bite out of the ordinary and join our team of flavourologists. Must love ice cream and sharing your passion with the local community. Perks include: free treats, flexible hours and the chance to earn while you learn.

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